WP Auto Content is a software that fetches fresh content from 24 top authority sources like Wikipedia, Top News Sites, Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and literally any site on the planet that uses RSS FEEDS. It even SPINS the content on-the-fly and then posts to your wordpress site.As a result, posting hundreds of new articles each week will no longer be a dream since you can obtain more traffic. In addition, this widget lets you earn extra benefits by using affiliate links, banners, and ads to benefit your personal blogs. Therefore, we highly recommend this platform for site owners who are sick of coming up with new content for their sites.Why Should You Find Fresh Content?As a matter of fact, improved and fresh contents have the ability to keep your visitors engaged, as well as push the site to rank higher on Google search engines. Moreover, updating fresh content on a regular basis makes it easier for readers to come back to your site. In contrast, customers are not likely to return to a site if it is full of outdated information about services and products.


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