This bhajan is a genuine tale about a lady from delhi who was genuine Bhakt of Sri Krishna. She used to go Vrindavan all the time, what occurred with her will make you conviction that God exists . So let hear and read this bhajan and recall bhagwan sri krishna from base of our heart.Obviously, the krishna bhagwan ke bhajan are at times helpful for instance, the Snake beguiling ones. At some point back, around 20 yrs - my Grandfathers Home in a little town encompassed by fields was turning into a home snakes.Once,when one of my uncle was dozing a snake dropped from the roof and fell into a bed.Similarly there are snakes wherever in the house.They reached a nearby snake charmer and he gave them some sand ( which was enchanted by his mantra) and the sand was sprinkled everywhere throughout the house.Since, that day the snakes have quit frequenting rooms and roofs in the house.Hmm. Is it because of krishna bhagwan ke bhajan or something different.? It is said that these snake charmers additionally need to experience an inflexible strategies for honing the mantras, following specific principles and directions and so forth.


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